Faith Formation Coordinator

Position Description

The primary goal of our faith formation at First Pres Libertyville is to create lifelong Christian disciples. That means providing faith formation for children that grows with them, rather than offering them a faith they will outgrow. Recent research has shown that the best seeds for a lifelong faith come from doing faith formation together across generations. First Pres is committed to making our faith formation more intentionally intergenerational, and the Faith Formation Coordinator (FFC) will be one of the chief architects and leaders of this new and innovative ministry.


The FFC plays a key leadership role in developing and implementing faith formation
ministry designed to bring together children, youth, and adults across generations in our church. But the FFC won’t do it alone. We are a highly collaborative team, and the FFC will partner with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation, the Intergen Vision Team, and other Faith Formation teams and volunteers to fulfill our vision for faith formation ministry by:
•    Creating an innovative and engaging Sunday morning faith formation experience for our community:
o Customizing curriculum for a weekly intergenerational Sunday morning faith formation experience;
o Helping  design  and  lead  a  weekly  worship  experience  for  children (Kindergarten through 3rd grade);                                o Implementing a play-based curriculum for our 2-4 years olds;
o Creating safe, vibrant, and welcoming spaces for all of our faith formation;
•    Playing a lead or support role in organizing other intergenerational faith formation events (e.g. Bible Sunday,                              Advent Workshop);
•    Implementing intergenerational summer faith formation experiences;
•    Curating and customizing digital resources for family faith formation at home;

•    Participating in the Intergen Vision Team meetings and other faith formation leadership meetings, as appropriate;

The FFC will also collaborate with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation, the Intergen
Vision Team, the Faith Formation Committee, and our administrative staff to:
•    Recruit and train volunteers for faith formation experiences, and ensure training and compliance with our Child,                          Youth, and Vulnerable Adult Protection policy;
•    Coordinate registration, attendance records, forms, and communications for our family and intergenerational                              ministry;
•    Via  email,  text,  church  website,  and  social  media,  create  and  coordinate communication for volunteers,                                parents, faith formation teams, the Church family, and our wider community about our faith formation                                        opportunities.
•    Maintain essential supplies in classrooms and coordinate the purchase, preparation and distribution of materials                        needed for all Faith Formation events;

 •    As  part  of  a  lifelong  learning  community,  take  advantage  of  continuing educational opportunities to deepen                      your own theoretical, theological, and technological skills and understanding;
•    Take on other responsibilities as determined in conversation with the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation and/or                       the Head of Staff.

The Faith Formation Coordinator will have many demands on their time. The FFC will be encouraged to find a balance between the many calls on their time and the need to renew, deepen and continuously develop their own spiritual and personal life.

The FFC reports directly to the Associate Pastor for Faith Formation. The FFC should have a degree/certificate in a field of education and/or commensurate professional experience in the area. Though the FFC doesn’t need to be Presbyterian, they should be a committed Christian who is excited about growing a new and vital ministry at First Presbyterian Church.

As a member of the staff of the church, the FFC is expected to:

•    Pray regularly for the staff, the congregation and the Church;
•    Be a friend and colleague to all members of the First Presbyterian team;
•    Model the values and practices of our staff covenant;
•    Give and receive constructive feedback from colleagues and church leaders.

The Faith Formation Coordinator is a part-time position, currently 25 hours/week and requires on-site ministry on Sunday mornings (generally 8am-12pm) and at other faith formation events.

Interested candidates should send their resume to Firstpreslibstaffopenings@gmail.com

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